Alzheimer's Poetry Project (APP) and
Institute of Dementia Education and Arts (IDEA)
On-Line Training and Certification

Work one-on-one with Gary Glazner founder of the APP and IDEA. He has taught over 3,000 family caregivers, healthcare workers and artists to use poetry to connect with people living Alzheimer's disease and related dementia.

The total price of the series of three, hour-long, one-on-one workshops is $299.00.
Please see the drop-down menu for options for multi-person training sessions.
Workshops are conducted using Skype.

On-Line Training

The training emphasizes simple poetry techniques and how they can be combined with dance, exercise, music, storytelling, and visual art to facilitate a new and positive way of communicating with people in all stages of dementia.

The workshop fee includes the chapter on poetry from Glazner's book: Dementia Arts Celebrating Creativity in Elder Care. Please consider purchasing the book.

More info on the book at: Dementia Arts Book

Glazner gives tips on how to recite well-loved poems and teaches easy ways to create new poetry. Healthcare workers learn how to structure an arts program. Glazner shows how engage people in discussions that lead to the creation of new poetry, stories or songs. For family members he will custom design a program to engage your loved one or help you write poems to honor them.

Jim describes participating in the Memory Arts Cafe performance at IONA Senior Services on Thursday, Sept. 20th in Washington DC. The event was part of the Dementia Arts Festival and featured musician Judith-Kate Friedman, Songwriting Works, dancer Maria Genne, Kairos Alive! and poet Gary Glazner.